I am a landscape architect. In addition to my paid work at a private firm, I also use my training as a landscape architect to encouraging people to get closer to nature and celebrate culture. I am also interested in continuing to develop ways to address the challenges of today's world through increasing the productivity of urban landscapes. 

Urban design education teaches us that the built world around us was created with intention. The way we live our lives is shaped, planned and manufactured by humans. These decisions affect the way we think, the way we act, the way we move, when and how often we communicate with people, our level of conflict and stress, our feelings of privacy or our perceived safety and our level of happiness.


We know that the design of the physical world affects every way we live and think, down to deep private decisions you thought were solely your own. We are aware of some of these forces, such as when cars stop at a stop sign and we feel safe crossing the street but I would argue that you are also influenced by urban design when you get a lab test back that says that you need to eat more Vitamin D. We are not aware of all the forces all the time but the more aware we are, the more we can strategize changes that will realize better future for all people. 


If you have any projects in mind for collaboration, have any questions or just want to say hello, you can contact me at



Lora Martens