One of the major ideas of my project was a boat, which represented two ideas. One was the plight of the refugees forced to flee persecution in packed boats on an unsafe sea. The other was the idea of the planet as a boat, and humanity forced to sit and figure out how to nagivate this time of climate change together. 

Boat construction sketch

Boat construction sketch

Using wood collected from the transfer station, I mocked up a few ways to construction a boat, which would serve as a planter in the installation. The boat/planter holds special native plants which will bloom with color in the spring. Around the boat is planted native bunch grasses, which represent the sea.

Thanks for another work day of amazing people, this boat was built, and filled with soil and planted in one day. If this project is any indication of what working together can do....then if we work together to change the world we live in, there isn't anything we can't do. Cheesy, I know...but the project is DONE!!!

Lora Martens